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Client Buzz.

“ I rely on theDeviceDr  for real-world customer feedback and key inputs for business plans and investor presentations stemming from my device inventions.  Tom has sound ideas, positive advice and he’s there when I need him!”  

Marc-Alan, Medical Device Developer & Entrepreneur

“Tom is a real “utility player” – which is great in young start-up situations.  He can contribute immediately to broad strategic insights, customer-focused activities, product development planning, quality documentation, financial forecasting…  and a host of other requirements where scarce resources are most needed.”

Martin Dieck, CEO Lazarus Effect/ Founder, Nfocus Neuromedical. 

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theDeviceDr  understands the process of innovation – and is extremely supportive in guiding the team process to bring new technologies into reality. Tom builds lasting and productive work relationships with team members and customers at all levels.” 

Maria Aboytes, Medical Device Inventor, Entrepreneur, VP of R&D

"I have worked with Tom Ross in different capacities for almost 20 years. He is bright, honest, and diligent and I would not hesitate to engage him for roles as wide-ranging as label design to corporate planning to investor communications.” 

Phillip Purdy MD, Interventional Neuroradiologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur

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