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Success Stories.
theDeviceDr  will model the project deliverables and approach to fulfillment based on your needs.
Here are a few examples from previous client experiences...

Market Research

  • Client situation:

A start-up technical team had plenty of progress on bringing initial concept into reality – but had not documented user feedback since the original concept invention.

  • Client needs:

Needed potential customer feedback to increase confidence in pending substantial investment in production molding/fixtures & inventory.

Needed to document feedback to provide diligence material for investors.

theDeviceDr  delivers:

Personal interviews with user groups to validate device concept, initial user interface info .

Online survey results to document market potential to investors.

> Bonus:  These projects provided enough contact with user group to collect an initial Advisory Board. 

Product Management - Downstream

  • Client situation:

A mid-sized company lost a leader from its marketing management team to a competitor… leaving a gap in this key functional group.

  • Client needs:

Fill this role while a permanent replacement is recruited.

theDeviceDr  delivers:

Hands-on management – including...

  • Filling-in project team gaps.

  • Review of progress and mentoring of the open position’s subordinates.

  • Timely support to fill customer and sales requirements.

  • Accountability to upper management.

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Investor Communications

  • Client situation:

A medical device start-up was newly cleared for commercialization – but lacked the cash resources to launch.

  • Client needs:

> Compelling presentation materials for potential investors

> Deliver presentations to small and large funding sources

> Funds needed in short order

theDeviceDr  delivers:

  • High-impact online and printed materials to tell the story.

  • Fully illustrated PowerPoint and other digital communications to explain the concepts.

  • Delivery of presentation to potential investor groups.

Client Buzz

"Tom builds lasting and productive work relationships with team members and customers at all levels...” 

Resource Management

  • Client situation:

A start-up founder was not receiving accurate or timely performance information concerning sales or the cash position of his new business.

  • Client needs:

Develop a business-relevant chart-of-accounts, implement improved bookkeeping processes as well as financial reports to management.

theDeviceDr  delivers:

  • An improved Chart-of-Accounts, providing expense and inventory tracking.

  • Online access for bookkeeping.

  • More accurate & timely management information.

  • Personnel oversight and training.

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