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Great Biomed Dept: University of Mount Union

This week I was very fortunate to meet Loay Al-Zube, PhD, a professor in the University of Mount Union Biomedical Engineering Department. Check out the Biomed Department for courses & activities!

For a smallish private school known for exceptional liberal arts educations, the hands-on opportunities provided by Dr. Al-Zube and his colleagues at Mount Union are fabulous… truly preparing our next generation of medical device developers and entrepreneurs.

Loay has made it his mission to develop a comprehensive business directory of biomedical engineering and related industries to enable R&D organizations, industry, and medical institutions to quickly and easily locate the right business, service, and/or product for specific needs.

I believe that as this directory becomes known, it will work wonders to increase the visibility and discoverability of biomedical engineering businesses and professionals, helping them to increase their profile and find growth opportunities. I am sure that Dr. Al-Zube's students also will benefit greatly.

A useful tool in which I encourage all of us in this business to list & participate! is now proudly listed there!

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